Are You (Ever!) Flossing?

A few years ago, we reported that a whopping 27% of adults weren’t honest with their dentists when asked about flossing. Actually, one-third of the same individuals surveyed even said they’d rather do household chores than floss their teeth!

O.K., so maybe a lot of us would rather be flossing on dance floors than cleaning our teeth. But we’re still happy to note that dental hygiene maintenance may be improving, at least for one group. A recent Harvard School of Dental Medicine study compared clinical outcomes for more than 7,000 low-income U.S. adults. Results indicated that expanding Medicaid programs were producing positive outcomes, with an 11% increase in adults who were flossing daily. The percentage of low-income adults who had untreated decayed teeth apparently also dropped. All good news!

Good Oral Hygiene is So Important

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day as well as flossing are daily oral maintenance steps that will help prevent gum disease. Flossing dislodges food that can be trapped in hard-to-reach areas. It also removes plaque from the sides of your teeth, a step that, if not taken, can contribute to dental issues.

If you don’t like the sawing motion and variety of string material of traditional dental floss, there are many alternative tools available, such as dental picks, interdental brushes and water flossing apparatus. Regardless of the method, try to help keep your smile healthy by working a form of flossing into your daily routine. Speak to your Pennsylvania Center of Dental Implants and Periodontics hygienist the next time you come in for a periodontal treatment and be sure to let us know if you have questions! Schedule an appointment at one of our two convenient locations. We look forward to seeing you.