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Save Money By Treating Gum Disease NOW

Treating gum disease early on is the best option for your smile, your overall health and your wallet!

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Your Gums Matter

Do you have a “gummy smile” where it seems that too much of your gum tissue shows, making your teeth look short? We can help!

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Three Cheers For Our Periodontal Hygienists!

Come see for yourself just how “caring, competent and professional” our periodontal hygienists are!

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Save Time and Money With All-on-4®

Are you missing several teeth and want to eat, smile and speak again with confidence? All-on-4® might be just the ticket!

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Why a Periodontist Should Place Your Dental Implants

Periodontists receive two-three additional years of specialized dental training in areas like dental implants, beyond regular dental school.

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A Breath of Fresh Air

Bad breath is a real turnoff if you’re looking for that special someone.

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Helping Straighten Teeth Faster —Even For Adults!

We can safely and effectively team with your orthodontist to accelerate the teeth movement (braces) process!

Your Heart and Your Mouth: More Evidence of a Link

If caught early enough, gum disease may be reversible. Severe gum disease is linked to many systemic diseases.

Covid-19 and Severe Gum Disease

Studies link severe gum disease to COVID-19 complications.

5-Star Dentistry and Proud of It!

Make an appointment today and see for yourself why patient Steve B. said that “this is the most professional periodontal office you will ever come across!”