Drs. Levine and Fava Featured Authors

Dr. Levine with Dr. Fava, along with six other specialists from across the country, recently participated in a research project sponsored by Straumann® USA. As part of the project, our doctors authored a study report which was then published in the Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry. Dr. Levine was lead author of the article, titled “A Prospective Clinical Study on Implant Survival at 1-Year Post-Loading of a Bone Level Tapered Implant in Private Practice Multicentered.”

The publication is considered a leading peer-reviewed and PubMed-indexed journal for over 100,000 subscribed dentists. General practitioners and specialists rely on the publication for information on new techniques, research and critical issues in oral health.

The objective of this observational study was to confirm results of controlled clinical studies, evaluating the success of patients who received Straumann bone-level, tapered implants between 2014 and 2016. Implant survival rate was over 98% of all evaluated implants.  As the research report says, “controlled clinical studies have the potential to provide robust evidence of safety and effectiveness of a product.”