Five Tips for Keeping Your Teeth Healthy During the Holidays

April brings us those famous showers as well as springtime holidays like Easter and Passover that involve family gatherings, celebrating with loved ones and, of course, plenty of eating! We thought it would be a great time to remind you of some easy ways you can help protect your smiles during these special food-oriented occasions.

1.Your teeth are meant for chewing, NOT crunching ice cubes, cracking nuts or opening bottles!

2. Drink more water. When we get caught up in holiday planning, we tend to forget to sip water throughout the day. As “nature’s cavity fighter,” water can help wash away acids from food and beverages. It helps fights dry mouth and is calorie-free!

3. Fruits and vegetables are always a great way to fill up. You’ll protect your waistline and your teeth. A tip: Raw carrots and celery actually help naturally scrub your teeth.

4. When dipping into those yummy Easter baskets, keep in mind that chocolate doesn’t stick to our teeth as much as some other candies. Dark chocolate is also a good source of antioxidants, those chemical compounds that may protect your cells (and therefore your teeth and gums) against free-radicals, cells that cause damage. Dark chocolate with nuts may contain even less sugar and help you scrub off plaque from your teeth. Read more about the possible benefits of dark chocolate here.

5. Say cheese! A small bite of cheese can help balance pH levels and even neutralize some of the harmful acid in that glass or two of wine you drink with your holiday meals.

As always, brush, floss and make sure you schedule regular appointments with your periodontal hygienists if you’ve been diagnosed with gum disease. All of us at the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics wish you happy holidays— and beautiful smiles!