Front and Center Smiles

Also known as the smile zone, the esthetic zone is the area in the front of your mouth that is the most visible when you smile. If you’re missing a tooth in this area, it’s critical that a tooth root (implant) and restoration (crown) be precisely positioned.

The Gold Standard for Tooth Replacement

Dental implants in the front of the mouth should feel and look totally natural. Unlike dental bridges or partials which may affect adjacent teeth, your front-of-mouth dental implants shouldn’t have any effect on your surrounding teeth. When surgery is completed properly by a top periodontist, your front-of-smile implants should provide many benefits, including:

  • Preservation of jawbone to help you maintain proper facial structure
  • Easy, normal maintenance and checkups
  • Total confidence speaking, eating and smiling
  • Your best option for stability and chewing strength

Are You a Candidate for “Esthetic Zone” Dental Implants?

We’ll evaluate your oral health and make sure there is sufficient jawbone strength needed to support an implant. Bone grafts are common procedures that may be suggested to ensure that you have this support for a future dental implant and crown restoration. If you smoke, we’ll strongly suggest that you stop since we know that tobacco use in any form can increase your risk of gum infection.

Front teeth restorations are your most natural-looking, best long-term solutions if a front tooth is missing or beyond saving. These dental implants, due to their location, may have unique demands. You should only trust a board-certified periodontist, like the doctors at the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants & Periodontics, for these strategic placements. We utilize today’s latest techniques to ensure these smile zone teeth will perfectly match the rest of your teeth in terms of fit, color, size and shape.

For more information on esthetic zone dental implants, please contact us at one of our two convenient locations NE Philadelphia (215-677-8686) or Ambler, PA (215-643-4393) to arrange a consultation. No referrals are necessary!