Do you Hide Your Smile Because of “Short” Teeth?

“When I smile, my upper lip stretches way up, my teeth seem too short, and I look like I’m all gum!” lamented a recent patient we’ll call “Mary.”

Mary’s “short teeth” are merely an illusion. Her teeth are normally sized. The reality is that she has what we call a “gummy smile,” an excess of gum tissue that makes her teeth appear short. In short (no pun intended!), Mary doesn’t have “short” teeth—she has long gums!

In a relatively simple procedure called crown lengthening, we can remove a portion of the gum tissue in order to expose more tooth structure.  The procedure takes less than an hour and is normally performed with local anesthesia or sedation and minimal discomfort. This procedure can also aid in repositioning the upper lip so that the result is a significantly reduced “gummy” smile. Other positive outcomes include increased confidence in your appearance as well as a decreased chance of later developing gum disease.

See Dr. Levine discuss “Gummy Smile” and call us for a consultation to find out more about what we can do to improve your “short-looking” teeth.