Immediate Load All-On-4™ Dental Implants

Dr. Robert Levine explains the benefits of All On 4™ Dental Implants over dentures


“The immediate load approach to placing implants versus wearing dentures is totally apples and oranges. Wearing dentures, generally patients are very uncomfortable; the bone continues to atrophy, and the dentures become loose, uncomfortable. They can’t chew, they can’t eat properly, they can’t go into social settings a lot of times. I hear that from patients many times, they can’t go out to eat with their friends. Whereas immediate loading gives the ability for the patient to get enough implants placed – usually it’s between four to six or maybe even more – where the teeth, the permanent provisionals, so these are provisional restorations, are placed within 24 hours and they have to get rid of their denture. They can actually stomp on it, whatever they want to do, and then they get rid of their dentures and they’re able to function and eat.

The self-esteem issues, they will not have anymore, and it’s just like having your own teeth. The benefits of immediate loading is that it’s not only for a full arch of teeth but we do that sectionally, meaning it could be one quarter of the mouth, it could be single teeth. We do that frequently with single teeth also. Say, if you lose a front tooth, you don’t have to wear a flipper or a partial denture frequently. We can place the implant, get a screw retained temporary provisional on within that day or the next day and, besides just having to be careful on the area, you don’t miss a beat. You’re able to go back to work. The same thing when we’re doing full arches or partial arches, our patients generally have very little down time. So the benefit is minimal down time and they can get back to what they were doing prior and be very comfortable with their lives again and smiling and being happy.”

Before & After All-on-4 Dental Implants:

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