Live a Life Full of Smiles!

September is Dental Implant Awareness Month. Sponsored annually by the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, this year’s theme is “What’s your reason to smile?”

Drs. Fava and Levine have heard hundreds of poignant stories from patients who come in to inquire about dental implants, having reached their last straw for so many different reasons. Maybe it’s a reluctance to smile due to missing teeth. Or frustration in not being able to chew properly. Sometimes it’s dealing with slipping dentures, sore gums or “teeth” that have to be removed for cleaning every night. And then there are the individuals who feel self-conscious about showing missing or decayed teeth when they speak and want to improve their confidence.

Whatever your personal story, remember that dental implants are the next best solution to your natural teeth. Implants bond with natural bone to form a steady base for artificial teeth that can last a lifetime. You’ll take care of your new “teeth” just like you normally would, and enjoy smiling, talking and eating without worrying about your smile. In the words of one of our truly happy recent patients: “I feel like my smile is as perfect as it can be – I have a lot of confidence.”

Choose Wisely

The board-certified periodontal surgeon you ultimately select is a critical part of the dental implant process. Look at their credentials! Count on word of mouth from good friends, or perhaps a referral from your regular dentist. If you’re researching, check out Google reviews. And it’s not all together about the skill level, although that’s of key importance. You also want to be seen by a professional whose team genuinely care about your individual wellbeing. You do NOT want to feel like you’re simply a product of an implant assembly line.

Convinced to take the plunge? Contact us to tell us your personal periodontal story and give yourself a new reason to smile in time for 2020!