Only Four Dental Implants for a Full “Arch” of Teeth

An entire arch of teeth—upper or lower—using only four dental implants? Yes, it’s possible and a great option for many of our patients. The name of the procedure —All-on-4™ —explains what we do in a nutshell. In most instances, we can totally replace a full upper or lower set of teeth with a full, fixed bridge that’s anchored by only four dental implants. The result is a permanent, immediate, implant-supported bridge that can only be removed by your periodontist. Dr. Levine has been treating full-arch immediate load cases longer than any dental practice in Philadelphia and published in the 1990s on his technique called (SameDay Smile®).

All-on-4™ can present a more affordable option for patients who want to restore their smile but are concerned about the cost of a full mouth of implants. Patients are able to chew anything they want just as if they had a full complement of natural teeth. The feel is much like regular teeth. Other key benefits can include:

• Overall improved health
• No additional surgical procedures normally required like a sinus lift/bone augmentation
• Minimum recovery time
• You will talk, smile and laugh with confidence

All-on-4™ has been successfully performed at the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics for decades. Interested in learning more? Call us today!