What is the Pinhole® Surgical Technique?

Dr. Philip Fava Explains the Benefits of the Pinhole® Surgical Technique


“Choosing to offer the Pinhole was a no-brainer. The pinhole surgical technique is a modification of techniques available and being practiced regularly since the ’90s. Oral plastic surgeons of the mouth have been using approaches similar to this for quite sometime, however, this made an important modification, allowing us to treat entire arches at one time. This was something that previously was prohibitive, and now this offers patients the ability to have their whole mouth treated in as something as simple as a few hours, and it’s a one and done procedure. No sutures, no discomfort, no bleeding, and great results.

Traditionally, gum recession was treated by two or three teeth at a time. What this meant was, if you had a mouthful of recession that needed treatment, you would be in for a number of surgeries. Now, with the pinhole surgical technique, it’s very predictable to treat your entire mouth in one intervention. The biggest benefit the pinhole presents to patients is they no longer have to choose if there is an area of recession that is so bad that they’re willing to finally have that one area treated, meanwhile, they needed their entire mouth treated. So now they can choose to have everything treated at once without the fear of having to go through multiple surgeries.”

Pinhole Gum Recession Treatment Philadelphia

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