Put Your HEART into Brushing

We’re celebrating National Heart Month by reminding you that your oral health is closely connected to the health of your entire body. Over the last few years there have been many studies linking gum disease to other serious “systemic” diseases like heart disease, cancer and even dementia.

Some more recent findings:

• A statement by the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) points to the possibility of the same bacteria that causes gum disease impairing repair of arteries after a heart attack

• The American Heart Association recently presented findings linking tooth loss and heart disease. The loss of more than two teeth is associated with an increase in cardiovascular risk

• Data from a Korean study of 8,000+ adults over the age of 30, shows that adults with periodontal disease are 1.38 times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease

• In a video from Cleveland Clinic, heart specialist Dr. Benico Barzilai says that bacteria in gum tissue can cause inflammation that can effect the body as a whole and “potentially increase the incidence of heart disease.”

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