Research Proves People Are Happier with Implant-Retained Overdentures

Tired of unnatural-feeling dentures that slip? Not being able to bite into an apple? Having to remove your “teeth” for cleaning? You’re not alone!

A Spanish study shows that quality of life is indeed better with implant-retained “overdentures“* versus conventional dentures. Also known as hybrid prosthesis, overlay dentures or tooth-supported dentures, overdentures rest directly on the gums, look and function just like normal teeth, and are totally secured to dental implants.

The denture study, reported in Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research, December 2017, included 40 participants with overdentures that were retained on two to four implants, versus 40 other individuals with conventional dentures.

The group with the implant-retained overdentures reported a better quality of life than the ones with the conventional dentures. Negative aspects such as physical discomfort and physical disability scored significantly higher in the conventional denture group. As a matter of fact, the only respondents who reported dissatisfaction with their quality of life were those in the conventional dentures group.

For individuals who hate the idea of having removable teeth, implant-retained overdentures score more favorably, with so many psychological benefits. And that’s notwithstanding easier chewing, more confident speaking and simple cleaning just like normal teeth. Call us for more information!