Stick Out Your Tongue and Say Eww!

Woman With Question Mark On Tongue

Did you know that your tongue serves as a reflection of what’s going on inside your body?

A few seconds of scraping your tongue can boost your oral hygiene as well as help you prevent bad breath, so why not Remove the Tongue Gunk!

Your tongue offers a large breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria (think morning breath). Once or twice daily scraping removes some of the tongue gunk and can improve your breath, help you avoid toxins being reabsorbed into your body and even improve your sense of taste.

Special Appliance

Toothbrush or official scraper? We like scrapers better, but any “appliance” is better than nothing. The back area of the tongue contains the most bacteria, so be sure to reach way back. Rinse the brush or scraper before and after using to remove any residual food debris or bacteria.

Colors Count

Seeing red? You could be deficient in iron or vitamin B12.  Persistent red sores? Red patches that don’t disappear on their own within two weeks could indicate serious illness. A pale tongue can mean some sort of deficiency or may simply reflect lack of energy after a serious illness.  The best looking tongue: Think Pink. A pink coloring with a light white coating usually means all is well!