Team Heads to Boston for LANAP® Conference

Doctors Levine and Fava, as well as Maggie Rutherford, RDH, will attend the upcoming LANAP Study Club conference in Boston on September 8th. Our doctors are among a select few periodontists in the Philadelphia region who offer LANAP® gum disease laser treatment.

Dr. Levine will also serve as a speaker at the event. It’s sponsored by Millenium Dental Technologies, developers of the PerioLase® MVP-7™ and the LANAP® protocol for treatment of periodontal disease. LANAP allows us to treat an entire mouth in one sitting. This “Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure” lets us treat more patients, more comfortably, with less pain, decreased bleeding and swelling and less downtime after treatment. Take a look at some of our videos to see our doctors and patients discussing the LANAP protocol.

Tip for Fellow LANAP Clinicians:

Millenium Dental Technologies, Inc. have extended their “early bird” discount until this Friday, August 25th! Sign up now if you haven’t already.