A Mentor to Future Periodontists

As far as we’re concerned, “giving back” includes sharing our time and knowledge to inspire others in our field. Dr. Levine frequently serves as a guest lecturer throughout the country, sharing his expertise with post-graduate periodontal/implantology residents, dental students and faculty at universities and dental schools. Recently, he visited The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) and taught students while performing actual patient surgeries (he’s licensed to do so in North Carolina!). A visit to the University of Illinois at Chicago for similar mentoring came next, with many more similar trips to follow in 2018.

While at UNC, Dr. Levine participated in a two-hour elective seminar with Dr. Ray Williams, former Chair of Periodontics at UNC and Harvard. Dr. Williams was the lead author of a landmark paper in the New England Journal of Medicine years ago. The article was one of the first serious research pieces to link periodontal disease with heart disease.

O.K., so it’s not all hard work—see selfie below. In lighter moments, Dr. Levine loves to share his personal life stories to students to help them find success in the field of periodontics. He shows them how important it is to strive for their personal best from high school through college and onward.