SameDay Smile® Dental Implants

sdLike All-on-4TM, SameDay Smile® is a permanent, implant-supported tooth replacement technology that has significant advantages over traditional dentures.  This procedure is available exclusively from the PA Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics.  Our office was one of only a handful of dental implant practices across the country who were performing this type of “immediate loading” implant treatment since it was first introduced in 1994.

SameDay Smile® allows patients to complete an implant surgery and be able to leave the dental chair with beautiful, functional teeth (single or multiple) in just one visit.

sd-02SameDay Smile® uses titanium anchors to replace missing tooth roots. They’re placed in the jawbone to support fixed crowns that look, feel and function like your natural teeth. By attaching non-removable teeth to the implant at the same time, we eliminate the need for removable dentures or appliances while the implant heals. After just one treatment you leave the office with healthy-looking teeth that will likely be as strong as or even stronger than your natural teeth!

Whether used for a single tooth replacement or a series of teeth, SameDay Smile® provides the benefits of dental implants without the drawbacks typically associated with this procedure.

Highlights of SameDay Smile®

  • No “down time” from appearance or functional standpoint
  • Virtually painless
  • Highly efficient
  • Most advanced technology available
  • Minimal number of office visits compared to traditional approaches

Click here to see before and after images in our SameDay Smile® Smile Gallery.