Gummy Smile and Lip Repositioning Procedures

Do you have what is known as a gummy smile where too much of your gums show when you smile? Do you feel your teeth look too short or unbalanced with the rest of your mouth and face? Gum reshaping surgery, sometimes called Crown Lengthening, corrects the appearance of short teeth by removing excess gum tissue to expose more of the naturally existing crown of the tooth.





Your teeth may not be “too short” at all; you may just have too much gum tissue covering your teeth and hiding a beautiful smile. In addition, gum reshaping surgery is sometimes used to correct deformities caused by gum disease. Crown Lengthening provides some of the most dramatic and immediate results, restoring your sense of confidence and self-esteem when it comes to your appearance.


Crown lengthening helped correct Ryan’s gummy smile—“The staff here was amazing.”

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