Are You a Nail Biter?

Did you know that fingernail-biting not only ruins the appearance of your nails but can also damage your teeth? Besides being somewhat unsanitary, biting your nails isn’t great since: When you bite you nails, your teeth are being forced to try to break down a hardened version of keratin which can cause teeth to wear...

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Eight Dental Ways of Celebrating Healthy Aging Month

A lovely smile is not only the first thing many folks notice; it can help indicate good health. As you age, you may notice subtle changes in your smile, like yellowing, gum recession or teeth that seem more sensitive to cracking. According to the CDC, one in four individuals in the U.S. between the ages...

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More News About Oral Health Linked to Brain Health

In a recent study published in the online issue of the journal Neurology®, researchers theorize how taking better care of your teeth may also improve brain health. Participants included 172 individuals with an average age of 67 who had not exhibited any memory issues at the start of the four-year study. The participants also received...

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The Tooth About Gum (Periodontal) Disease

Dr. Eric Schoenebeck (Ambler office) is the guest author of “The Tooth About Gum Health.” In the article, Dr. Schoenebeck discusses the importance of maintaining oral health, the disadvantages of dentures as replacements for natural teeth and the increasing link of gum disease to systemic conditions in the body. Smoking and Gum Disease Dr. Schoenebeck...

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Happy National Smile Week!

This week is National Smile Week! We thought we’d use the occasion to remind you of all the many benefits of a healthy, attractive smile, with which you can: Eat and chew all the yummy and nutritious foods you like Help generate positive emotions (even if you’re faking it!) Appear friendlier and even more trustworthy...

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Dr Fava Treats Gum Disease with Laser Treatment

Treating Gum Disease With Lasers

At Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants & Periodontics, we offer today’s most effective treatment for moderate-to-severe gum disease with procedures that have proven to be the most minimally invasive for our patients. LANAP® is a great example. Short for “laser-assisted new attachment procedure,” LANAP stops gum disease progression in its tracks with a laser no...

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Should you Brush Your Teeth in the Shower?

Do you brush your teeth in the shower? Delta Dental estimates that 4% of individuals in this country are proponents of this habit. Our question—is it a good habit or a bad habit? We’re coming clean here (sorry, couldn’t resist) by saying that we’re honestly just happy you’re brushing your teeth and giving this thought!...

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Can Wearing Dentures Negatively Affect Your Health?

This week, we’re highlighting a report made on edentulism, the state of being without any remaining natural teeth (edentulous). More than 10,000 individuals studied included 3,519 denture wearers compared to 6,962 “controls” of similar ages over an eight-year period. The researchers discovered that there was a risk of undernutrition in the denture wearers. As the...

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Gum Disease and Men’s Health

Did you see the recent CBS clip where Alex Rodriguez discusses early stage gum disease? He’s on a mission to raise awareness. Even if he is a paid spokesperson for a gum health company, his message is a welcomed one, especially since research shows that gum (periodontal) disease is more prevalent in men than women...

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Your Mouth Is The Gateway To Your Body

Gum (periodontal) disease is not just bad for your teeth and gums. Research points to life-threatening consequences if the toxins from this chronic oral infection spread to the rest of the body. Conditions like heart and respiratory diseases, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, some cancers and other seemingly unrelated issues are linked. If severe gum disease remains untreated,...

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