Employee Spotlight: Meet Diane Lester

Diane Lester figures she first “caught the periodontal bug” a few decades ago while working for Dr. John Di Girolamo, the periodontist who headed up the former Butler Pike Periodontics (now our Ambler office) until his untimely death in 2018.

Diane had assisted various dentists throughout the area in her earlier career. As a certified dental assistant with expanded functions (CDA/EFDA), she was able to place fillings for these dentists, or, as she jokingly references— “They drilled, I filled!”  But it was with the “under the gum” part of dentistry that she ultimately became totally intrigued.

“I had also worked with an oral surgeon and a prosthodontist, but everything changed when I worked for a periodontist,” she remembers. “Periodontists look at the big picture, not just one single service like extracting a tooth, a restoration or even placing an implant. And for me, it was incredibly interesting and rewarding to be a part of this more comprehensive view of dentistry.”

Originally from Abington and now a Wyndmoor resident, Diane says she “can’t believe how lucky I am” to work with Drs. Schoenebeck and Fava at the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics’ Ambler office.

“I’m continually in awe of what these doctors do, how pragmatic and thoughtful they are, how they so carefully think everything through on a case-by-case basis before anything is actually done, and how everything they do is always in the best long-term interest of the patient.”

Diane, who calls herself a “lifelong learner,” says she “knows I must sound like a Pollyanna” but can’t help being so positive about her career and the doctors she supports.

“I tell every patient here that they can be assured that whatever they are advised by our doctors will be in their best interest and the best decision for their overall health and lifestyle. And, like our doctors, my goal is also to always provide excellence in my profession. And that always includes making patients feel comfortable and heard.”

Married with two grown children, Diane enjoys weekend visits to the Endless Mountains (PA) and the shore, particularly Cape May, NJ which she calls her “happy place.”

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