Patient Comfort

While no dental procedure is always 100% comfortable, we try to minimize any discomfort you might feel. Many of our patients make statements like, “This wasn’t every painful. How did you do that?” The following are some of the latest techniques we use to ensure your experience is as comfortable as possible:

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Patient comfort is one of the most important aspects of care. Different patients have different needs for pain and anxiety control. Depending upon the procedure and your wishes, there are many medications we can prescribe.

Patients with certain medical conditions (e.g., valvular heart conditions or artificial joints) may be asked to pre-medicate with antibiotics prior to treatment. We do this with your safety in mind. Please inform us if you have a condition that might require pre-medication.

Anesthesia Injections

We use a topical anesthetic on your gums first to desensitize them and then administer the injection very slowly and precisely to reduce the burning sensation that can be experienced.


For those patients who would feel more comfortable with sedation, we offer nitrous oxide or oral sedatives to help you relax during your treatment. Arrangements for conscious IV sedation can be made with a dental anesthesiologist.

Your comfort is one of our primary concerns. If you have any questions about sedation, please do not hesitate to discuss these with us.

Patient Safety

We adhere to the highest professional standards of cleanliness, sterilization, and radiation control. Our staff regularly attend safety seminars and are knowledgeable on the latest techniques.