Esthetic Zone (“Smile Zone”) Implants

esThe “Esthetic Zone” refers to area of your mouth that can be seen when you smile, which is why it is also known as “Smile Zone.”  Implant placement and restoration to replace single or multiple teeth in the esthetic zone is especially challenging, particularly if there are multiple missing teeth and with deficiencies in soft tissue or bone.   Rightfully, patients are highly sensitive to the appearance of their teeth and gums which are most prominent when they smile.

Given the fact that esthetic zone implants are so technically challenging with little room for error, it is critically important that you be treated by a highly experienced and specially trained dental implant specialist.  Even a subtle mistake in the positioning of the implant or the mishandling of soft or hard tissue can lead to esthetic failure and patient dissatisfaction.   The skills of the entire implant team – including the dental implant surgeon, the restorative dentist and the rest of the treatment team – must be deployed to develop and execute a comprehensive, clinically-sound treatment plan designed specifically for each patient. Such teamwork is paramount to achieve a superior result.

The PA Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics is proud to partner with highly skilled and experienced restorative dentists in the region who share our diligence for excellence in clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

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