Meet “Dr. Eric” Schoenebeck

Originally from Reading, PA, “Dr. Eric” Schoenebeck traversed the country thanks to his combined education and Navy stint that took him from Penn State (State College) to University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), to University of Florida (Master of Science) and Navy bases where he practiced periodontics in New Jersey, North Carolina, Florida, California and even Iceland.

“I initially considered a career as a medical physician or even a physical therapist since, as an avid sports fan (more on that later) I appreciate the connection between athletics and rehabilitation,” he says.

Shadowing his uncle, a now-retired dentist, gave the then-student a first-hand insight into the world of dentistry where he saw the links between physical and psychological improvements. Periodontics soon would become his key area of interest since “we work at the foundation – the gums and roots that support teeth.

“The mouth is indeed the gateway to the body,” he notes. “We might see someone who hasn’t been to a medical physician for a while and, as the first line of health intervention during our examination, we might spot signs of disease like diabetes and steer the patient toward important medical intervention.”

Dr. Schoenebeck met his wife, Emily, in his first year with the Navy. The board-certified periodontist and dental implant surgeon is now also a father of three children, ages 12 – 17. After all the traveling around with so many active and reserve Navy assignments, he’s happy to reside back in Pennsylvania where he can freely support local sports teams like the Eagles and Phillies, as well as Penn State (where he received a BS in Biology) football, some basketball as well as collegiate and local wrestling.

“My youngest son wrestles so I’m also a wrestler dad!”

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