Give Yourself the Gift of a New Smile

Do you have damaged, missing or diseased teeth due to untreated periodontal (gum) disease or injury? It’s never too late to turn that unhealthy, non-functional and unattractive smile into one that’s healthy, functional and aesthetically pleasing— with dental implants. Dental Implants in 2024 No matter your age, your missing or diseased teeth can usually be...

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Dr. Fava on Building Up Jawbone More Organically

Dr. Fava recently offered his professional insight to a group of dental assistants at a Pennsylvania Dental Assistant’s Association (PDAA) seminar held in Willow Grove, PA. He discussed a topic that’s near and dear to us here at Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants & Periodontics: Biological bone augmentation. What is Biological Bone Augmentation? In order...

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Employee Spotlight: Cristina Delgado

This month we feature Cristina Delgado, one of our fabulous periodontal surgical assistants at our Bustleton Avenue, Philadelphia location. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Cristina spent seven years as a general dentistry practice assistant before joining Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics. Periodontics is So Rewarding “I always enjoyed the general dentistry work,” she...

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Impaired Chewing Linked to Higher Blood Glucose Levels

We make it a priority to stay on top of the growing amount of research regarding the relationship between our oral (mouth) and systemic (of the body) health. Here’s a highlight of some recent findings: In a spring 2023 study published in PLOS ONE, researchers point to a strong association between chewing ability and blood...

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Cathy Quigg

Employee Spotlight: Cathy Quigg

When it comes to job longevity and dedication to the field of periodontics, it’s hard to beat that of our Ambler office administrator, Cathy Quigg. Cathy started at our Ambler office as a receptionist for beloved, deceased periodontist, Dr. John Di Girolamo. “When Dr. Di Girolamo suddenly passed away, Dr. Fava was one of an influx...

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man pointing to missing tooth

Please Mind The Gap

Have you lost a tooth in the back of your mouth? Maybe you had to have it pulled for some reason and are wondering what you should do now regarding the gap. We get asked this question a lot, with some patients wondering why it’s important to replace a “rear” tooth, and the answer may...

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pa dental team members at philly children's festival

Out and About

A fun day was had by members of our practice when we participated as sponsors and exhibitors for the Philly Children’s Festival that took place Sunday, September 17th at Polanka Park in nearby Bensalem. Starting children off right…from the start Keeping your children’s teeth healthy is so important. As detailed by the Cleveland Clinic, you...

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Brown Haired Woman With White Teeth Smiling

Gum Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Do you have rheumatoid arthritis? And, on a perhaps surprisingly related subject, are you taking care of your teeth? Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is defined (Mayo Clinic) as a chronic inflammatory, autoimmune disorder that can not only affect your joints but also other areas in the body including your eyes, lungs, skin and heart. It differs...

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Are You a Nail Biter?

Did you know that fingernail-biting not only ruins the appearance of your nails but can also damage your teeth? Besides being somewhat unsanitary, biting your nails isn’t great since: When you bite you nails, your teeth are being forced to try to break down a hardened version of keratin which can cause teeth to wear...

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Happy Positive African American Man

Eight Dental Ways of Celebrating Healthy Aging Month

A lovely smile is not only the first thing many folks notice; it can help indicate good health. As you age, you may notice subtle changes in your smile, like yellowing, gum recession or teeth that seem more sensitive to cracking. According to the CDC, one in four individuals in the U.S. between the ages...

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