Achieving Long-Term Periodontal and Systemic Health for our Patients

Tune into a free international webinar1 presented by Dr. Levine and Dr. P.D. Miller who will discuss the Miller-McEntire Periodontal Prognosis Index (MMPPI).2,3  This index combines 7 factors (age, smoking, diabetes, molar type, probing depth, furcation and mobility) which provides the means to give the patient an actual percentage of the likelihood they will keep their teeth for 15 and 30 years and not lose them to periodontal disease based on the scoring of the worst molar that is planned to be kept. As “physicians of the mouth,” Dr. Levine and Dr. Fava use the MMPPI Index for all patients and feel the use of this index significantly motivates patients to accept treatment and to take responsibility as an active participant in planning their treatment resulting in the “achievement of their long-term periodontal and systemic health.”  It is a “win-win-win.” A staff/team meeting would be an excellent way to introduce the MMPPI to your practice.

The MMPPI enables us to easily give a score at each patient periodontal maintenance which patients easily understand similar to knowing their cholesterol, blood pressure and hemoglobin A1C scores. It gives them a “goal” to achieve a MMPPI of less than 5, based on Dr. Miller’s study3 which resulted in the MMPPI winning the “Clinical Research Award in Periodontology”4 presented annually for the best clinical research in periodontics.

NOTE:  Look for the webinar in MP4 format in your Dropbox

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Drs. Miller and Levine touring Civil War battlefields in the Shenandoah Valley