Ain’t It The TOOTH?

To celebrate the start of a new (and hopefully healthier) year on a lighter note, we thought you might like to sink your teeth into these 10 Dental Facts You May Not Know:

1/ DON’T crack nuts, hard candy or ice cubes with your teeth. Doing so can result in dental emergencies. Like a tiny crack in your car windshield, a small tooth crack can grow and become a real nuisance.

2/ HERE’S an easy tooth whitener: Try using lipstick with a blue undertone. It will make your teeth appear brighter and whiter.

3/ BRUSH twice a day with a soft toothbrush or electronic version. Don’t brush so hard it seems like you’re scrubbing the floor. Tooth sensitivity from years of overzealous brushing can be painful and cause gum erosion (recession).

3/STOP SMOKING! It’s bad for your entire body, including your teeth.

4/PAUL REVERE was much more than an ardent patriot and skilled artisan. He’s credited as being a self-taught dentist who cleaned and replaced teeth.

5/SAY CHEESE! Eating cheese helps strengthen your teeth and assists with the pH balance in your mouth.  Increased saliva helps wash away food to help you avoid cavities.

6/WATER lets our bodies stay hydrated and helps prevent dry mouth which can lead to cavities.

7/SMILING shows the world only about a third of your teeth. The rest of the teeth are hidden below your (hopefully healthy) gum line.

8/ENAMEL, the tough coating on our teeth, is the hardest part of our bodies. It’s even stronger than bone tissue!

9/ A GERMAN LEGEND from the Middle Ages says that kissing a donkey could cure a toothache. We’d rather you visit your dentist.

10/GEORGE WASHINGTON apparently started losing natural teeth in his twenties and had to resort to fake choppers made from ivory, human teeth and metal. Imagine how he would have smiled with dental implants from the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics?

Always remember: Clothing fashion may constantly change, but your smile is always in style. Take care of it! Call us to set up a consultation to discuss gum disease, dental implants, gummy smiles, gum recession or other jawbone and gum concerns. You can also ask questions via our website (see bottom of the home page) so we can first get to know you and your situation better. Referrals aren’t necessary.