Can Wearing Dentures Negatively Affect Your Health?

This week, we’re highlighting a report made on edentulism, the state of being without any remaining natural teeth (edentulous). More than 10,000 individuals studied included 3,519 denture wearers compared to 6,962 “controls” of similar ages over an eight-year period.

The researchers discovered that there was a risk of undernutrition in the denture wearers. As the ultimate report concludes, a “decreasing trend of specific nutritional biomarker values observed may have an impact on oral and overall health over time in an individual’s life and warrants detailed investigation.”

How Can Dentures Negatively Affect Nutrition?

Dentures certainly serve a purpose. They’re the least expensive way of trying to replace natural teeth. But they aren’t as stable as our natural teeth, by a long shot. These oral appliances must be removed each night. They tend to shift since they only stay in place with adhesive that doesn’t last all day. That same gooey, messy adhesive can negatively contribute to our ability to enjoy foods by promoting a lingering metallic taste.

Dentures, especially poorly fitting ones, can make it difficult to chew foods which means some individuals stop eating healthy nutritional fruits, vegetables, grains and protein-rich meats. Also, some denture wearers stop eating healthier foods since their dentures (and the aging process in itself) can affect the taste and texture of foods that no longer may seem appealing.

Dental Implants Are Your Best Tooth Replacement Option

To truly be able to fully chew and savor the same foods you always did while “dentulous” (having natural teeth) consider dental implants. Unlike dentures, your bite force and taste buds should not be affected with dental implants. You can chew foods with ease, enjoying your meals and allowing for normal digestion.

We use the highest-grade titanium from top manufacturers for our dental implants which are then attached to replacement teeth, the part others see. These dental implants restore facial integrity, let you eat, smile and speak naturally, and even prevent jawbone loss since the implants (unlike dentures) stimulate the jawbone.

Interested in learning more? Contact us for a consultation to see what options we can offer, like “SameDay” full mouth restorations, individual dental implants, and crown and bridge fixed prostheses which are only removable by your doctor.