Choose a Periodontist for an Optimal Dental Implant Experience

Periodontists in Ambler, PAWould you call a car mechanic to fix your leaky bathtub faucet? Your car mechanic may be your top choice for oil changes, tire replacements and new brakes, but plumbing is probably not his or her specialty. Similarly, while you value the advice of your general medical practitioner, you probably wouldn’t want this professional operating on your heart or performing a knee replacement. There are specialists in every profession.

Who Should Perform Dental Implants?

While licensed dentists can legally place dental implants, the handful of dental implant surgeries they may perform can’t possibly match the expertise of a periodontist who is a gum, tooth and jawbone specialist who places dental implants every week. Periodontists are also fully trained in specialized procedures related to dental implants, like sinus lifts, ridge augmentation and bone grafts.

In a recent article published in Guide About Health, Dr. Schoenebeck suggests five questions you might ask a prospective dental practice if you’re considering dental implants:

1/How many dental implants have they placed?

2/What is their exact education and training in regards to dental implants?

3/What variety of implant procedures do they offer?

4/What other periodontal procedures do they offer?

5/What sort of reviews/referrals are available to verify their implant success?

 Go With the Experts

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