Dental Implant Placements Can Be “Immediate” or Phased Over Time

During many dental implant procedures, a failing tooth is pulled and the socket area is then left to heal for a defined period before the actual implant is placed into the jawbone. Sometimes bone grafting is required to make the jawbone area strong enough to support the kind of implant that should last a lifetime. Caucasian man and woman smiling

The subsequent period of time allowed for the implant to become totally secure in the jaw is a natural process called osseointegration. During a subsequent visit, an abutment is fixed; this connecting piece is what will hold the final replacement tooth or bridge of teeth in place.

Immediate Versus Delayed Dental Implant Placement

Sometimes, when there’s no infection involved, we’re able to speed up this entire process in what’s known as immediate loading of dental implants. Just like it sounds, immediate loading is where an implant is placed immediately after a tooth is pulled, with a temporary tooth or teeth affixed in one surgical procedure. If you’re a candidate for this faster procedure, you can often leave the dental chair with beautiful new “teeth” in just one visit.

Considerations for Immediate Dental Implant Placement

As Dr. Fava recently wrote about immediate implant placement for the International Team for Implantology, a global association of dental implant professionals whose 18,000+ members share their knowledge with each other for their patient’s ultimate benefit.

Dr. Fava reminds his colleagues that “experience and skill come with time,” that there’s no room for errors and that “any mistakes are carried forward, and they are cumulative.” Patients should realize that not everyone may be a candidate for the faster procedure. He advises colleagues that “because our community’s responsibility is to the patients we treat, (you should) be sure to select cases carefully that reflect a realistic achievement.”

Which Implant Procedure Will be Right for Me?

Our periodontists are experts in immediate dental implant loading, which we call TeethToday® (also known as SameDay Smile®). We’ll thoroughly assess the health of your gums, the strength of your jawbone and other important factors to help us decide if immediate loading is feasible. No matter which process is chosen, immediate loading or traditional dental implants, we’ll make sure your missing tooth or teeth are replaced precisely and in the most minimally invasive process possible. In either case, the result is life-changing dental restoration to help you live your best life.

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