DIY Plastic Beads are NOT Meant For Teeth!

There’s been a proliferation of TikTok videos and other social media posts promoting what could be dangerous dental practices. We want to set the record straight on one dangerous trend: using plastic, moldable art supplies to create your own teeth. hands holding plastic beads

The trend involves Instamorph™ and similar polyester thermoplastic beads. The beads are melted in hot water then molded into plastic shapes used by sculpturers, hobbyists and other craft tinkerers. But some individuals have apparently decided that they can create their own temporary prosthetic teeth.

Don’t do this!

If you know anyone considering molding their own teeth, please tell them that these beads are choking hazards, and that they can be inadvertently swallowed or even inhaled. Placing this plastic in the mouth can cause inflammation and damage. They’re not certified food-safe by the FDA. And they’re simply not hygienic; food and bacteria can get caught around them if you put them in your mouth, leading to possible permanent problems.

Trust Only Your Dental Provider for Replacement Teeth

With safe, reliable and predictable dental implants, replacement tooth “roots” are made from biocompatible materials (not harmful to living tissue) on which replacement teeth are carefully screwed onto abutments that are also biocompatible. In most instances, the replacement teeth are made from porcelain which can be shade-matched to surrounding teeth.

What if you don’t have dental insurance coverage to cover dental implants? Many providers understand financial challenges and offer financing options like interest-free or very low-interest, flexible payment plans that let you pay off your care over a period of time. At Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics, we work with organizations like GreenSky and Lending Club and CareCredit to help you pay for your care over time.

Bottom line: Reusable, moldable plastic beads are great for craft modeling projects, but not for your mouth, teeth and gums!