Do You Have a Gummy Smile?

Are you hiding your smile because you think your teeth look too short and your gums look too long? You may have something called a “gummy smile.” Your teeth probably aren’t too short. It’s just that excess gum tissue makes your teeth appear too small.

Gummy smiles, or what we call excessive gingival display, can cause embarrassment or even a lack of confidence. But gummy smiles can be corrected in one office visit with procedures known as gingival recontouring, gum contouring, gingivectomy, crown lengthening or gum lifts.

We can make your teeth look in better proportion to your face. And the benefits aren’t just aesthetic. Individuals with excessive gingival display are more prone to periodontal disease as the patient gets older. So fixing the issue not only makes you look better now but potentially can result in a healthier you in the future.

Lip Repositioning

In some instance, a safe and predictable procedure known as  lip repositioning or lip lowering may be recommended to counteract a “hyperactive” lip. This minor periodontal plastic surgery procedure, which we’ve been performing for many years, is performed with local anesthesia. We reposition the lip from the inside of the mouth so there’s no scar. The result is that the lip won’t pull up as much when you smile, which makes the teeth more visible. This procedure is frequently treated with the correction of the gummy smile.

If you would like to obtain an accurate diagnosis for the reason behind your gummy smile and learn about treatment options to improve your smile, please contact us to schedule an appointment.