Don’t Want Titanium Dental Implants? Here’s a Great Alternative

Dental implants reign supreme as the most popular way to restore teeth. In most instances, upper tooth restorations are secured with safe and secure titanium bases. Titanium has been successfully used as the top dental implant material for more than 60 years. This integral part of our periodontal therapy works great since the jaw bone fuses seamlessly with the titanium implant base in a process called osseointegration.

Ceramic (Zirconia) Implants

Once in a while, however, we see a patient who doesn’t want titanium. Maybe the individual has concerns about the possibility of a (extremely rare) allergic reaction to titanium. Some older patients with thinner gum tissue may be concerned about aesthetics with “smile zone” titanium implant bases. For these patients we offer zirconia (ceramic) implants, what some consider a holistic, metal-free alternative to titanium dental implants.

While titanium is still considered the gold standard, the ceramic implants we use are also FDA-approved, are extremely strong and provide great stability. For someone with a rare titanium allergy, there is still a high degree of biocompatibility (compatibility with living tissue) with ceramic dental implants.

If you have questions about which material to use, we’re happy to walk you through the details. Call us today at 215-677-8686.