Dr. Fava Shares His Professional Skills

Dr Philip Fava now manages a SPEAR Study Club, a professional group dedicated to providing members with excellence in continuing education through meetings and presentations. All meetings actively promote the “Team Approach” of sharing knowledge and expertise. The club’s objective is to constantly improve treatment methods for the benefit of our patients. 

The Study Club meets locally up to eight times a year. Expert clinicians collaborate on actual cases and improve their clinical expertise, which therefore enhances patient outcome. The club sparks discussion and encourages collaboration as participants study real-life cases and gain insights from each other about challenges within individual practices. It’s an active platform on which Dr. Fava and the other club members can work together to understand how best to address interdisciplinary patient treatment. 

“Raising standards of patient care is always our top priority,” explains Dr. Fava. “The SPEAR Study Club is therefore a win-win scenario for periodontists like us and our restorative dental partners who can more closely examine our relationships as they benefit the patient.”