Dr. Levine Teaches Dental Implant Seminar

Dr. Robert A. Levine has been on the road yet again! Last month, he traveled to Baltimore’s University of Maryland School of Dentistry where he enjoyed a terrific day mentoring, teaching and visiting old friends. He gave an afternoon seminar to periodontal/dental implant residents and faculty with the theme “Dental Implant Complications: The Team Approach to Treatment.”

Country’s Oldest Dental School

History buffs might be interested to know that the University of Maryland’s dental school is considered the oldest dental college in the world. Founded in 1840, the school was the birthplace of the Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree. The college served as an example for future dental schools and helped establish the groundwork for dental education, emphasizing knowledge of general medicine along with dental skills.

In the mid 1800s, dentistry advanced from somewhat centuries of barbaric procedures (literally conducted by barbers!) to breakthroughs involving real doctors and the use of nitrous oxide anesthesia, aka laughing gas, which offered relief from pain.

Twenty years later, the American Dental Association was formed. By 1873, Colgate (yes, it was around even way back then!) had mass-produced toothpaste, with mass-produced affordable toothbrushes soon to follow.

The second dental school in the United States was Temple’s dental school (Dr. Levine’s alma mater) which was started in the spring of 1863.