Dr. Levine’s Daughter Again in the News

Levine fam PeruWe’re always happy to hear about the accomplishments of our friends, colleagues and their families.  So it’s with great pride that we once again give a shout-out to Dr. Levine’s daughter, Bari. A second year resident at Pediatric Dental Associates, Bari was recently interviewed in an alumni spotlight for her alma mater, Temple University.

Bari and the entire Levine family are still very active in the Growing Smiles Foundation, the 501c(3) non-profit organization Bari helped found in 2013. She designed an oral health program for an orphanage outside of Lima, Peru. An annual pilgrimage, to date, has ventured to the remote area to supply much-needed, comprehensive dental services. Support is ALWAYS needed. You can donate at the website or through Smile.Amazon.com, choosing “Growing Smiles Foundation” as your charity.

Read the full article about Bari here.