Ensuring Your Best Patient Experience

After years of suffering with decayed or missing teeth, you’ve made an appointment with a periodontal practice. You want to discover how you can finally eat, speak and look better. The journey toward an enhanced lifestyle has begun!

Our treatment coordinators iron out all communication between our interdisciplinary team on your behalf. In addition to offering you top quality periodontal care, we ensure total patient satisfaction. Following your initial assessment, our treatment coordinators make sure you know how your proposed treatment plan will impact you, not just in terms of your oral health but also your time and hard-earned money.

We want you to feel confident you’re in the very best hands, from the first time you walk into one of our offices for a consultation to the day you happily leave with your attractive, healthier new smile.

Obtaining Your Full Confidence is Paramount to Our Success

It’s normal to have questions after visiting a periodontist for the first time. What exactly are my procedural options? How will I best navigate office visit logistics given my busy schedule?  How about financing options?

We want to receive not just your patronage, but your full trust. That’s another reason your personal treatment coordinator meets with you after your initial consultation, to make sure we’ve covered any unresolved issues in a timely fashion and to ensure you feel confident during every step of your life-changing periodontal healthcare journey.

An Important Layer of Communication

Diane Blasek-Kehoe, one of four treatment coordinators, brings a wealth of dental experience to her role as a treatment coordinator, including decades as a dental hygienist.

“There’s no doubt that patients who visit our practice (with offices in Northeast Philadelphia and Ambler) will be treated with today’s latest technology and techniques by the area’s best periodontal surgeons,” notes Diane. “My role is to add an extra layer of communication, to help patients fully understand what may be many-faceted treatment plans, to assist them with any confusing terminology, basically to explain anything needed so they can feel totally confident in their decision.”

Budgets Taken into Consideration

Sometimes a patient really wants to improve their oral health, but their budget doesn’t allow for the full scope of work being initially proposed. Our treatment coordinators can often liaise with our doctors on behalf of the patient to see if there may be an alternative, but still highly effective, solution to help patients transform their smiles and improve their future health. The treatment coordinators can provide credit card or financing tips and are available to answer any questions that may come up, even months after an initial quote.

“We know that a lot of procedures are major financial decisions, so we’re happy to resume initial dialogues even months after the patient’s first consultation if they then decide to move forward,” Diane says. “Patients who replace dentures with dental implants, for instance, can really enjoy a higher quality of life, smiling without worrying if their dentures will slip, chewing healthier, nutritious foods once again and speaking without risk of lisping.”

Total Case Management

We recognize that your overall comfort isn’t just physical —it includes total peace of mind.  While Internet research on various periodontal procedures is helpful, the reality is that no two cases will be the same. That’s another reason our treatment coordinators are so important, prioritizing your health while helping you navigate a comprehensive, written proposal that is prepared just for you. All of our team members will have access to the proposal, allowing us all to be on the same page.

Changing Lives. Transforming Smiles. 

Interested in setting up a consultation with a periodontal practice that understands the importance of excellent communication? Contact us today. And congratulations on taking your first step toward better periodontal (and overall) health!

Shown: Our Ambler office staff, from left to right: Beth Moore, Marie Quigley, Maria Gallagher, Philip L. Fava II, DMD,  Eric Schoenebeck, DMD, Diane Blasek-Kehoe, Lori Dodge, Cathy Quigg and Gail Krueger.