Experts in Saving Smiles

As nationally respected dental implant surgeons, our board-certified periodontists provide some of the area’s finest teeth replacement solutions. Our patients benefit from our doctors’ expertise and use of today’s latest advancements in dental implant technology. Yet, believe it or not, our first priority will always remain helping you avoid dental implants!

Older Lady With White Hair SmilingWe can often help you save your natural teeth by employing early gum disease intervention in the form of many minimally invasive treatments and procedures. Our goal is to restore your tooth and gum health to help you avoid more invasive oral surgery or worse, tooth loss. We follow this up with regular, professional periodontal hygiene services.

Addressing Gum Disease

When it comes to gum disease, our goal is to catch it sooner rather than later. Early intervention helps us offer less invasive treatments to improve your gum and tooth health and prevent bacteria from wreaking havoc with your smile. We’ll assess your individual situation and create a suggested treatment plan to address not only your oral health goals, but your lifestyle and budget.

Deeper Cleaning Appointments

After consultation with our periodontists, the next step in your path toward healthier teeth and gums will often include regular visits with our periodontal hygienists. They not only measure the “pockets” around each tooth but have special training to go deeper below the gum line to your tooth roots to “scale” any tartar (also known as calculus) which is harder to remove than the regular plaque your regular dentist hygienist may remove. In a process known as root planing, tooth roots are smoothed over to help decrease the infection-prone space between your roots and your gums, which all helps tackle gum disease.

LANAP® for More Severe Gum Disease

Early-stage gum disease can often be addressed with improved home dental maintenance and regular visits to your dental and periodontal offices. But individuals with periodontitis, a more severe form of gum disease, may require additional intervention. Traditional gum grafting procedures may be suggested. We also offer the LANAP® laser protocol, a highly effective and minimally invasive alternative to traditional gum surgery. LANAP utilizes a fiber that’s about the size of three human hairs to kill germs, remove diseased gum tissue and help regenerate lost gum and jawbone tissue. It’s such a precise procedure than patients can normally return to their normal activities the same day.

The LANAP Protocol doesn’t require any cutting or stitching.  In fact, it’s the only FDA-cleared laser treatment that allows for regrowth of bone and gum tissue that you may have lost due to gum disease. This innovative procedure can only be performed by specialists certified in this procedure.

 (Pinhole®) to Treat Gum Recession

When gum recession occurs, tooth roots can become exposed, causing sensitivity, inflaming gum tissue and allowing bacteria to accumulate, leading to potential tooth loss.

As certified specialists in the Chao Pinhole® Gum Rejuvenation technique, we can cover root services that have been exposed due to receding gums with a scalpel-free, suture-free method to cover root surfaces. With Pinhole, you heal faster with far less discomfort, swelling or bleeding than most other traditional gum grafting procedures. Tiny pinholes are created with special instruments to loosen gum tissue which is extended to cover any exposed roots. Collagen strips help hold the gum tissue in place. The pinhole is so tiny you may not even see it by the next day.

It’s Up to You!

With improved home dental maintenance, keeping up with your routine dental hygiene appointments as well as minimally invasive regular “deep dive” periodontal cleanings, you may be able to save natural teeth that once may have been thought hopeless. While every patient situation is different, our practice has decades of great outcomes.

Call one of our two convenient locations today: NE Philadelphia (215-677-8686) or Ambler (215-643-4393), or contact us online to set up a consultation!