Fighting Tooth and Nail to Save Your Teeth

Dr. Eric Schoenebeck recently wrote about gum disease for Healtholine, a website written by contributing physicians, counselors, coaches and nutritionists. The article discusses how hard we work to help you keep your natural teeth whenever possible. Although our board-certified periodontists are experts at placing dental implants (always the best option if tooth replacement ultimately is needed), we will always first try our best to save failing teeth.

“When it comes to your teeth, periodontists don’t automatically want to remove decayed or injured teeth. As experts in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gum disease, our overarching first goal is to prevent tooth loss and preserve your natural teeth.”

Related Warning for Our Overall Health

Dr. Schoenebeck points out how “studies have shown that bacteria found in periodontitis (severe gum disease) has been found in the brain tissue of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, suggesting the inflammatory link.” He says that “there is even evidence that gum disease bacteria can be passed from a patient to other individuals.”

Interested in reading more? Check out the full article here.