Have You Been Told You Have Dental “Pockets?”

Pockets may be handy areas for storing items in our clothing. But none of us wants pockets in our mouths. Dental pockets, also known as periodontal pockets, are spaces that form when gum tissue pulls away from your teeth, providing handy places where bacteria can thrive.

Healthy gums fit snugly around your teeth, ensuring that your teeth don’t shift. If bacteria (plaque) are allowed to build up this can harden into what we call tartar, which will require professional cleaning to remove. If left untreated, bacteria continue to build up and your gum tissue becomes inflamed.

Scaling and Root Planing

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, periodontal pockets measuring 4 millimeters or more in depth, and 3 millimeters or more in attachment loss, indicate you have periodontal disease.

Assuming you have no substantial bone loss, we can normally  treat your periodontal disease conservatively with procedures known as root planing and scaling, to help heal the infected areas. Conventional pocket reduction surgery, also known as osseous surgery, may be suggested. We also offer one of today’s most innovative laser treatments for gum disease called LANAP®. With LANAP, diseased tissue and bacteria are zapped away, leaving behind only healthy gum tissue. The procedure reaches the “pockets” of infection in a less invasive, less painful way with faster recovery.

Concerned about gum disease? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Fava or Dr. Schoenebeck to let us show you how we can treat even severe gum disease and improve your health and your smile.