How much do Dental Implants Cost?

One of the first questions we get asked by prospective patients is, unfortunately, one of the most difficult to answer.

“How much will my dental implants cost?”

Giving you a price for your dental implants over the phone is like you asking a realtor to appraise your home without seeing it first. The simple truth is that costs for dental implants will greatly vary depending on a number of factors including:

• how many teeth need replacing
• where in your mouth the implants are needed
• whether you choose screw-retained implants, fixed bridges or snap-on bridges
• what steps we might need to perform beforehand, such as sinus augmentation, tooth removal, periodontal plastic surgery, etc.

If you have loose or missing teeth, the one thing you really can’t afford —is to wait. Schedule an appointment for a consultation so we can give you a better idea of cost. We’ll be happy to discuss financing options (more on that in a future post) if your insurance doesn’t help cover the procedure.

Make that call to the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics today: It’s your first step toward a healthy, gorgeous new smile!