Innovations in Dentistry

Dr. Fava writes about “Exciting Innovations in Periodontics” in a recent online feature.

Fluoridation Mid-20th Century

One of the first innovations occurred back in 1945, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The city added fluoride to their drinking water supply as a test in what turned into a scientific breakthrough that decreased cavities by more than 60%. The finding revolutionized dental care. Today, the introduction of fluoride is still called “dental science’s main weapon in the battle against tooth decay.” Nearly every toothpaste on the market contains fluoride.

Additional Evolutions

Dental x-rays introduced around the same time helped dentists spot issues not visible to the naked eye. Today, those traditional x-rays have been chiefly replaced by digital radiography which offers more precise imaging, faster results and a better patient experience with less radiation involved. Our panoramic cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) equipment gives us 3D scans that we find invaluable for diagnosing purposes.

And More…

Dental implants preserve jawbone and facial structure while helping patients with failing and missing teeth smile, eat and speak again with confidence. And we use lasers to zap gum disease, and can accelerate orthodontics with special periodontic techniques.

You can read the full article here. You can also visit YouTube to learn more about how our ideas and technologies have allowed us to offer you the best dental innovations for decades.