LANAP®: The Gentle, Yet Effective Laser Treatment for Gum Disease

Have you heard about LANAP®? Drs. Fava and Levine can eliminate disease-causing bacteria with this advanced laser treatment. As we frequently note on this site, gum disease is linked to all sorts of other serious health conditions, including Alzheimer’s asthma, stroke, cancer and much more. Healthy gums serve as a barrier to help prevent inflammation from damaging the body.

Benefits of laser treatment include:

  • All treatment can be completed in ONE visit (even a complete mouth treatment)
  • No discomfort during and minimum-to-none after LANAP procedure
  • No scalpels or suturing involved
  • Long-lasting results with good compliance to your care and follow-up – See our “MMPPI Keys to Success”
  • Quicker recovery than traditional gum surgery
  • Safe for almost all patients, even those on blood thinners
  • Resume your normal activities immediately
  • Minimal-to-no gum recession and tooth sensitivity as with conventional periodontal surgery

Statistics show that eighty percent of adults have some degree of gum disease! With LANAP®, Doctors Levine and Fava can reverse the damage of serious periodontal disease, protecting your teeth and fostering good health throughout your body. Call our office to see if you’re a candidate for this state-of-the-art treatment. We hopefully will resume seeing patients for routine consultation soon. In the meantime, stay safe!