Maintaining Your Oral Health

Periodontal maintenance goes a lot farther than just cleaning your teeth. During your visits, our wonderful periodontal hygienists, Tanya and Kelly, will:

  • remove plaque and calculus above and below your gum line
  • evaluate the overall health of your mouth tissue and smile
  • address potential issues that could cause gum disease or bone loss
  • check to make sure your bite is good
  • coach you on specific techniques to help maintain or even improve your oral health
  • show you how to manage specific trouble areas if you have them

More About Periodontal Hygiene in Philadelphia

Our periodontal hygienists at the Philadelphia Center for Dental Implants & Periodontics are trained to look for even the most subtle signs of gum disease. They see patients regularly to help maintain their dental health. By coming in for regular visits, patients not only stay healthier, but also save money by potentially avoiding more expensive visits down the road.

Take a look at some recent patient comments about our periodontal maintenance program:

“Hygienist was superb.” – Judy M.

“I have been going for periodontal care with Tanya twice a year after an implant over 12 years ago. She is thorough and makes you feel comfortable.” – Leonard G.

“Best experience I ever had a dental office. The staff are AMAZING.” – Taylor K.

Even if you’re really diligent with home cleaning, you should know that gum disease can reoccur within 2-4 months of your last professional cleaning. It’s therefore imperative that hardened plaque is professionally removed so that your gums and teeth remain healthy. Frequency of maintenance visits will depend on factors like your personal rate of plaque growth, response to treatment and the type of periodontal disease you have.

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