Marching On For Our Veterans

Dr. Levine recently caught up with his Civil War reenactment colleagues, the 69th PA Irish Volunteers, when they proudly marched behind their green banner to celebrate Memorial Day in Bridesburg, PA. It was reportedly the 75th anniversary of this parade, one of the oldest, largest and longest Memorial Day parades in the area. Groups from all over gathered to honor those who lost their lives while serving in America’s armed forces.

A Bit of History

Commemorations made to honor those who lost their lives during the Civil War were widespread after the death of Abraham Lincoln, with a variety of special tributes, including a “Decoration Day” in which graves of the fallen were decorated. According to the History Channel, Memorial Day became an official holiday in 1971 following the day being moved to the last Monday in May. The Monday designation created a three-day holiday for federal employees.

Civil War Music

Dr. Levine is also the group’s band leader. He plays guitar with the 69th Pennsylvania Irish Volunteers at Civil War musical events. The regiment and band have raised more than $100,000, with proceeds used for Civil War era tombstone dedications (more than 100 to date!) while helping promote the preservation of American and Irish history.

You can read more about the 69th Irish Volunteers here.