More Exciting Author News

Dr. Levine once again teamed up with periodontal colleagues for an article published in the October issue of Compendium. Writing this time about soft-tissue dental regeneration (ridge augmentation) and the use of a promising new material known as volume stable collagen matrix (VSCM), Dr. Levine contributed details about a patient who wanted replacement of bottom (mandibular) teeth. Dr. Levine describes how the use of VSCM helped minimize post-surgical follow up and patient discomfort.

As our patients and blog readers know, Dr. Levine is a prolific author of more than 80 professional articles and several book chapters on important periodontal subjects including regenerative surgery, oral plastic surgery, dental implants and laser gum disease treatment. As a visiting professor and mentor, he continues to share his knowledge with colleagues throughout the world.

All of our doctors stay up to date on today’s latest treatment protocols, research and practice management philosophies and tools. They coordinate study clubs to help our team and professional colleagues compare notes to help us all provide our best care for patients. Our patients’ health, safety and long-term outcomes are what we’re all about!