More Publishing News: Phenotype Conversion

Dr. Levine is one of a handful of worldwide dental surgeons recently chosen to publish a case study by Geistlich Pharma. The international company develops, manufacturers and markets products for bone, cartilage and soft tissue restoration. Dr. Levine’s Geistlich “BioBrief” Case Study dealt with immediate extraction/ immediate implant placement of the #12 tooth, the upper left bicuspid and is shown on our website here.

Phenotype Conversion

“Phenotype conversion” is the process of thickening the gum to become a barrier to trauma such as toothbrushing.  It’s a major key in the success of single immediate implants in the esthetic zone. This minimally invasive, palate-free approach was demonstrated in the BioBrief study as well as a five-minute voice-over showing the clinical benefits of using a collagen matrix called Fibro-Gide® instead of the patients’ palatal tissue.

Lectures Throughout Pandemic

Dr. Levine has been clinically studying, using and documenting the use of Fibro-Gide® in a palate-free approach for more than three years.  He has had the honor of lecturing virtually on the topic of phenotype conversion throughout the pandemic (2020-2021) for numerous post-resident graduate, periodontal, prosthodontic and oral surgery programs. These programs have been at major schools including Temple University, the University of North Carolina, the University of Illinois at Chicago, Harvard, Tufts, Rutgers, the University of Florida, Stony Brook, Fort Brag, NC and the University of Connecticut.