Osseous Surgery Lower Bucks County

Lower Bucks County Dental Implant and Periodontal Services

Dr. Robert Levine at The Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics specializes in implant surgical placement, regenerative and reconstructive periodontal procedures and oral plastic surgery, including resective surgery, also known as osseous surgery. While removing bacterial toxins from root surfaces, osseous gum surgery trims away infected gum tissue and re-contours the uneven bone and tissue. Performed by The Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics, osseous gum surgery involves small access incisions along the necks of the teeth are made under a local anesthetic.

With surgical solutions for all of your dental needs in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, Dr. Levine is a renowned and respected periodontist in Lower Bucks County. There are surgical solutions that can be used to restore tissue and bone when periodontal disease is advanced, since it may result in damaged gum tissue or bone loss. Procedures such as these are sure to rapidly improve in the future with advances in biotechnology. With surgical offices located in the center of Lower Bucks County, Dr. Levine and his staff of trained osseous surgery professionals are able to perform osseous gum surgery in approximately an hour at The Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics facilities in Lower Bucks County, PA.

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Gums and gingival tissue are just as important as teeth when it comes to important elements of a beautiful smile. Gum tissue can be corrected to match beautiful white teeth perfectly with the unmatched professionalism of Dr. Levine and advances in periodontics. Patients can live their lives confidently again and proudly show off their smiles once osseous gum surgery has been performed. When it comes to surgical solutions for periodontal problems such as osseous surgery, the care and services provided by Dr. Levine and the staff at The Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics in Lower Bucks County stand out from the crowd. For more information regarding osseous surgery, contact Dr. Levine today.