Periodontal Health and its Effect on Kidney Disease

Over the last two years, we’ve highlighted research pointing to the relationship between oral and systemic health – serious diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and more. The belief is that bacteria from periodontal inflammation is transported to other areas of the body via influencing factors in the blood.

Now new research also links periodontal inflammation, especially periodontitis, with poor outcomes for kidney disease patients. According to the National Kidney Foundation, approximately 30 million people suffer from kidney disease. In fact, the CDC ranks kidney disease as the 9th leading cause of death in this country.

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Researchers in the U.K. studied 770 patients with stage 3-5 pre-dialysis chronic kidney disease. Measuring periodontal health using what they term the “Periodontal Inflamed Surface Area”(PISA) score and kidney function using the “Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate” (eGFR), they found individuals with a 10% increase in periodontal inflammation saw 2.5% decrease in their kidney function. Researchers also discovered that a whopping 89% of the patients with chronic kidney disease had moderate to severe periodontitis!

Further studies are continually being conducted. If you suspect you have periodontal disease, now’s the time to get it treated. Early stages of the disease can normally be easily and effectively addressed with non-surgical treatment including the advanced LANAP® laser therapy. Drs. Fava and Levine are among the few leading-edge periodontists in this area to offer this innovative procedure. For more information, contact us at 215-677-8686.