Pinhole® Procedure Transforms Gum Surgery

We’re all taught to brush our teeth twice a day. But some of us may not have been taught exactly how not to brush so hard. As a result (anybody remember “hard” toothbrushes?) some people may not have many cavities but could be experiencing gum recession from simply overbrushing.

When your gums recede, you often experience sensitivity and even more tooth decay since the tooth root is not as well protected. Receding gums can also be caused by gum disease. And sometimes gum recession is a result of inherited factors, or misaligned teeth. Regardless of the cause of your gum recession, we’ve got a quick and easy option to correct your gum recession — the Chao Pinhole® treatment for gum rejuvenation.

How does Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Work?

With traditional gum recession surgery, dental specialists had to remove donor tissue from another area of the mouth (palate) and graft it onto the recessed area, which created two “wounds” that had to heal. Today, with Pinhole, we can easily glide the top of the gum down (where tissue is softer and more pliable) to cover areas of recession via a tiny pinhole that disappears within 24 hours. No cutting or stitching is required.

Key Pinhole Benefits:

  • Less chair time: We can normally correct severe gum recession in only one visit
  • No traditional surgery: No scalpel, no sutures and no grafting
  • Easier overall: Fast recovery and little discomfort
  • Proactive: Helps prevent tooth loss
  • Better healing: The tiny “pinholes” made in the gum usually heal within 24 hours

Dr. Fava is one of a handful of area Pinhole®- certified periodontists to offer this groundbreaking technique. If you have gum disease, we’ll treat that first since we would only work on a mouth that wasn’t infected with any other inflammation. Call us today to arrange a consultation and say goodbye to gum recession!