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“What we eat and drink, how we live and how we sleep are all factors that can affect our teeth,” writes Doctor Philip L. Fava II in a new article published online on Dentistry IQ, a leading source of information for dentists, practice owners, hygienists, students and anyone interested in the field of dentistry.

In What is tooth erosion and how can you prevent it?” Dr. Fava explains how tooth enamel erosion (also known as acid erosion) can lead to serious consequences. Preventative tips include keeping an eye on stomach acid (GERD), avoiding sugary snacks, wearing custom-made nightguards to protect teeth from grinding, and eating nutritiously.

Keeping Up on Latest Innovations

In addition to seeing patients, our doctors have published many other articles in clinical journals and contributed chapters to books, sharing their insight with patients and colleagues. They participate in seminars, teach university classes and run and attend study club presentations. This is one busy practice!

And speaking of Dental IQ – do you know yours? To all of us here at the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics, a high dental IQ mostly means you know how to take care of your teeth properly at home on a daily basis and regularly seek professional maintenance as needed. If you have any questions on how you might better take care of your teeth, especially if you’ve been diagnosed with gum disease or have missing or failing teeth, please be sure to set up a consultation with one of our gum disease and dental implant surgeon experts today!