Redbook magazine agrees with Dr. Fava

redbookDid you catch Dr. Fava’s online article last April in Life Health Max? In it, Dr. Fava describes how proper facial support helps keep us looking healthier and more youthful.

“When teeth are missing and the jawbone has deteriorated… wrinkles will appear and deepen around the lips and cheeks, no longer properly supported, causing an older appearance,” writes Dr. Fava. “No amount of cosmetic surgery will achieve that elusive youthful appearance until the lower third support of your face is addressed.”

On the same note, this month’s Redbook magazine (features Taraji P. Henson on the cover) talks about skin care and aging, with advice from dermatologists across the country. One specialist, Dr. Mary Lupo, director of Tulane University’s Resident Cosmetic Clinic, discusses “how important bone density and DENTAL HEALTH are to your face.” Dr. Lupo says that “without a strong framework, the skin on top appears more lax and wrinkled… the bone above and below your teeth will start to recess, which means you’re going to lose some of your cheekbones and jawline. Your teeth will recede too, making the nose and chin jut out and appear witchy.”

Drs. Fava and Levine remind patients that where dentures might help replace missing teeth, dentures alone don’t address facial bone loss. On the contrary, dental implants actually can help PREVENT the kind of bone loss that could change your facial structure.

Do you know someone with tooth loss that’s worried about a receding jawline? Maybe the person has dentures and wants to consider changing to implants or a combination of implants with dentures to look and feel younger. We can help!